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ABout us

Welcome to ABJ Pets, let me first tell you a little about myself, my name is Bereket Mekuria I am the co founder and CEO of ABJPets Company. Before coming to America and opening ABJ Pets; I was a pet owner back home in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, and had 5 dogs 2 cats. As time when on and many years had passed I was left only with only one of my dogs, the German Shepard who I called 'Jumbo'. All of our other pets were giving to my siblings and other family members. Jumbo ended up being my pet, he had orange fur which made him look like a lion considering his size, he was taller than me and i'm 5'9 ft. Jumbo was in our family sense he was a baby. Sadly, after 14 long years 'Jumbo' for the first time left our property alone and came back with a wound on his head, people on the streets had hit him with a rock. He started acting strange? Animal doctors saw him and said that he was fine. Then after a year of acting abnormal Jumbo passed away. It was a very sad experience for the family and I, considering how long he was one with us. That's when I decided to open ABJ Pets (All bout Jumbo) prior to coming to the united states. All the love and all the fun, I've experienced with my pet, I want all pet owners to experience with their pets. ABJ Pets is an online shop with priority USPS International delivery . We provide Products that are 100% guaranteed in quality and safe for your pets. our plan is to create a more powerful connection with pet owners and their pets, help us grow the awareness and the importance of our pets. -ABJPets